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Many of the colours that we will be seeing a lot more of in 2012 are already being used to great effect in many interiors around the world. Here are just a few from the Pantone Home + Interiors for 2012.

Nonchalance is the title of a group of colours called Pink Nectar, Blue Fog, Egret White, Plaza Taupe, Silver Grey and Grape Mist and they make me feel very nonchalant indeed. The grape and silver grey used in this sitting room are a robust example. Quite a lot of effort and thought has been used to get just the right amount of both.

Subtleties heads a group with titles such as Coral Haze, Leek Green, Faded Rose, Stone Wash, Brick Red and Nutmeg. They are all closely related and get along better than most families. This sitting room has used most of the hues above in effortless combination.

Back to the Fuchsia. This is my favourite group and a provocative one it is. Strong reds, purples and pinks with names like Fuchsia Pink, Amaranth Purple, Fuchsia Rose, Hyacinth Violet, Bittersweet, Festival Fuchsia, Rumba Red and Peridot are all attention seeking colours. I love everything about this photo, the shape of the sofa is fantastic, the cushions say look at me…. look at me…. and the white is the perfect foil.

The Comics. These joyful and spontaneous colours will bring a smile to any face. Aptly named Green Flash, Strong Blue, Sulphur Spring, Red Orange, Phantom, Fiery Red, Primrose Yellow and Cyan Blue and Honeysuckle. Nothing comical about this stunning sitting room.

1. Unknown
2. Laura Trevey
3. Polly Wreford
4. Eileen Kathryn Boyd

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