Do you have kerb appeal?


In the world of Feng Shui, the front door is the mouth of chi, the main point at which the house receives energy. A little like 5 minute dating, the first encounter with your front door needs to be warm and inviting to succeed.

If you follow these three simple ideas, every time you open your front door generosity will come your way.

Keep your entrance clean. Just add it to your weekly chores and it won’t be such an overwhelming task after a year or two of ignoring.

front door-moises-esquenazi

If your front door isn’t already a beautiful wood, have a little fun and paint it an accent colour. Use at least three coats of a high gloss paint over a tinted primer, as this will add a richness and sophistication that low sheen just can’t give you. Keep a sample of the paint colour and every couple of years you can do the important touch ups.

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