Dreamy Dressing

  • Dreamy Dressing
  • Dreamy Dressing

Jackie Kennedy once described her White House dressing room as “the only place I can really relax, read and write.”

I know, dream on. Okay then, I will dare to dream about having all my jackets, shirts and skirts hanging side by side, lovingly colour coordinated.

Still dreaming, I have two full length mirrors, so I can see if my bum is too big for that dress and save my husband from the inevitable silent treatment.

The best part of this dream is the embarrassment of space I have to see and store my imaginary bounty of designer shoes.

Okay, someone please throw a glass of water on me, so I can go back to trying to shut my modest wardrobe doors with a broken shoe heel, that every day I stuff through the door handles.

1. Abbott Moon 2. Tory Burch’s Dressing Room

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