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Wallpaper is a favourite product of mine and I try my hardest to recommend it to clients as often as I can, but …….. I do find myself in situations where my clients just cannot afford to buy expensive wallpaper, much less pay an installer etc.

Maybe you live in a rental property and would love to cover up an ugly wall, but your landlord doesn’t allow painting.  Or your teenager is keen to paint their room and you need a creative response before they arrive home with a tin labelled “Black Sabbath”.

The Wall Sticker Company has fantastic removable wallpaper in lots of stunning designs. Australian made, they sell wall murals, photographic wallpapers and wall stickers by several different designers.

No water, or glue. Just peel and stick. Unlike traditional wallpaper where you need to match the design, they do that for you by selling sheets that are the height of your wall.

So many designs, you will easily find something you love.

What’s your favourite?

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