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Grey is Good

Grey is a refined and modern colour that gives a fresh, graphic look to any room.

Yes, grey is back in a big way, but unlike the cold greys of the 1990’s, this generation of greys come from a balmy place. This sitting room we have put together, is an example of how warm this colour can be.

Keeping the sofa and chair in neutral fabrics allows for minimal costly changes to the interiors down the road. The flame stitch cushion, alternating with the black silk cushions on the sofa, is in harmony with the wall colour.

The little zebra touch on the table lamps link with the bold floor rug in a gentle way. The painting by the lovely Jen Ramos from Made by Girl and hot tangerine velvet cushions get along well and become the compulsory spike in the room.

So yes, grey is good, but maybe it will also be great again.

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