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Plastic Fantastic

Whether you know it as Lucite, Perspex or Plexiglas it’s all made from the same material, acrylic glass. Acrylic is similar to glass, but many times stronger. In fact, a 32mm thick piece of acrylic is bullet proof. Acrylic is only 50% the weight of glass. It can be sawed, shaped as well as glued seamlessly together.  Last but not least, scratches in acrylic can be buffed out where in glass they cannot.

Interior decorators have been using it in many forms for years.  Trays, jewelery boxes, tables, chairs even stair rails can all be made out of acrylic with great effect.

It is a classic staple, as long as it is thick and heavy and well made. Acrylic doesn’t take itself to seriously and we all need a touch of fun.

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