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Revival of Style


This splendid snippet of a hallway designed by Kathryn Ireland displays a fine example of the architectural stylistic movement that is the Spanish Revival Style.

Taken from the Spanish colonization of the Americas, appearing first in California and Florida in the early 20th century, this style was primarily influenced by the opening of the Panama Canal.

Houses were designed using the asymmetrical shape with cross-gables. Initially they were building one-story detached houses, with interior or exterior courtyards, using the rectangular or L-shaped plan. As they grew in popularity, they became larger.

Now to the fun stuff. The painting in this home is alive and glorious in its stature, colour and detail. It reminds me of the great Mexican painter Frida Kahlo and the Naïve style of painting that was popular around the 1930’s.

Terracotta tiles were often manufactured in pretty primitive conditions, so these floor tiles have a natural, rustic handmade appearance in that lovely ochre, a colour wholly dependant on the firing of that batch, on that day.

The half rounded archways and the stucco over brick wall finish are typical of this style and give a real sense of permanence. The appealing wall sconces with the simple, yet different style of chairs settled beneath, frame the painting without taking your eye away from what is important.

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