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Children’s rooms can be very difficult to design, maybe because they are so hard to get right for the actual, real life child that will inhabit it.

The guys at Pamplemousse Design definitely brought their imaginations out of the closet when they came up with this playroom.

The sofa looks like it could take the shock of the odd ice-cream sundae. The floor definitely looks play doh proof and the lovely set of drawers should stimulate circus fever in all who enter.

Using gentle colours such as blue, purple and green in the furniture, fabric and wall colour, means that even the boisterous of small people will not leave an enjoyable afternoon of play overstimulated.

This is a sophisticated room without pomp, or ceremony.

Cushions can add more than colour in a playroom. When your child has had just enough fun for one day and needs to rest his weary head in a hurryth ey do come in handy, so don’t be stingy.

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