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4 Bedroom Elements

Dressing a bedroom deserves your full attention. You need to decorate just for yourself, so remember intimate and serene are more than just adjectives. Follow your theme, it could be Modern, Traditional, Eclectic or Retro. Whatever it is, if your shoulders drop when you enter your bedroom you get an A+.

A good place to start is your headboard.  An upholstered headboard is a great jumping off point when matching other fabrics in the room.  Having something to rest your pillows against when reading, stops the all too familiar slideathon.  An ottoman or slipper chair in a complimentary colour, but different pattern, is an essential bedroom amenity.

White bed linen always looks classic and fresh. Splash out on the highest thread count you can afford, they last longer, so you could actually save money. Add colour in a throw or bed cushions and link it to your wall colour, or curtains.

Ambient lighting with dimmers is kindest. If bedside reading is important to you, try either well positioned wall sconces, with articulated arms, or bedside lamps that offer tilting shades.

Black out curtains should really be on the top of the list. Hang your curtain rod at least 200mm above your window frame, or a well designed pelmet will stop as much light as possible interupting your dreams.

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