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This library should bring the green eyed monster out of every person that ever owned a book. It seems so functional, but at the same time bows robustly to style.

The gutsy black, lacquered shelving gives great stability to this space. I like that they haven’t been mean when designing the thickness of both the uprights and the horizontal millwork.

If a room doesn’t have any cornice to start with, it can be a great idea to create an era for the room by using a charming moulding like this one.

The contemporary black and white desk harmonizes with the ceiling and the woodwork. While the inviting, more traditional chair, plushly upholstered  gives elegance and relaxation.

Entertaining shades in a French style, with the nickel armed wall sconces, which are almost jumping off the shelving uprights, are delightful. The black stripe border framing the carpet tiles, is the final clever touch.

I can easily imagine sitting at this desk, writing a card to invite my friends to come celebrate my new study.

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