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Bathroom Renovation – not such an overnight sensation

So you want to renovate your bathroom and you are not sure how it all works. If you have been taking lots of notes, while watching a certain Channel 9 renovation show, please tear them up into tiny little pieces and listen up.

An expertly, fully renovated bathroom will take 4-5 weeks and that’s a fact.

Using a Licensed Builder with a DB number is the best investment you will make during your whole renovation.  Any building works over $5,000.00 needs a licenced builder anyway, so really it’s a no-brainer.

This article is prompted by a number of clients who are not sure why their bathroom quote seems so high in time and money. Below is my run down on what is involved in renovating a bathroom.

Demolition of your old bathroom fittings, fixtures and tiles can take up to two days.  If you have concrete floors or brick walls that need to be taken out, this will require serious and noisy machinery and may take even longer. Brace yourself for a heap of dust and mess.


Structural work takes between 1 – 6 days depending on the scope. New windows may be required, or the installation of cavity doors  and your design may include removing old walls and framing in new ones. Once the new design is set the plumber and electrician will come and rough in all your new pipework, power and lights. Again a few days may be required if your toilet and vanity are to be in a new position.


Getting your Drainage right takes skill. This is when you need your trades to really concentrate. If your new shower is to be at the same level as your new floor, then the slope has to be just right. Too steep and people will break bones if they slip, too shallow and you will be forever moping up pooling water.  Your slurry needs to cure for at least 7 days, or it will shrink under new tiling and this is disaster for shower floors. If your tiling cracks you may as well open your bathroom window, and turf your wallet out.


Sealing your bathroom is the next step. Blue is the colour that your plasterboard needs to be, as this is specifically used for wet areas. Make sure any niches in your shower are sheeted neatly to help eliminate any moisture getting behind your plasterboard.

Water proofing is an exact science. Wet areas must be water proofed according to Australian Standard 3740. Waterproofing is the only trade that requires installation to be 100 percent perfect, as any defect – no matter how small – will result in leakage. Depending on what kind of shower, vanity and/or bath is installed in your bathroom, there are minimum areas that have to be water proofed, so double check and be proactive with your trades. After the last coat has gone on, water proofing needs at least 2 days to dry.


Great Tiling takes time. Your tile is only as good as the tiler you choose, so spend the time discussing how you want the tiles laid out, both in height and width so you get the right balance. How will the tiler deal with walls that are not level and will they mitre your corners? Tiling an average room may take a full week, so this is the time to dig deep and find some patience.


Shower screens styles are numerous in style and budget. Do a little research early on as custom screen will take longer to manufacturer than standard ones. Measuring happens after tiling, so you can wait from a few days to a few weeks depending on your requirements. Once the shower screen is in let it be for at least a day.


Painting of the walls, ceiling and skirts can be done while waiting for the shower screen. If you are tiling to the ceiling get the carpenter to install the cornice after the tiler has finished.

Fixtures and fittings should be installed after the grouting is done. The plumber will fit off the toilet and all the taps. The electrician will fit off any heated towel rails and light fittings. Now you are ready to enjoy your beautiful, professionally renovated bathroom and forget the dust, noise and frustration of the last 4-5 weeks. Well done!


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