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Colour Crush : In the Navy

Blue is a sacred hue. The worlds earliest artists had no ability to capture this rich colour until around 6,000 years ago when lapis lazuli was discovered and mined from the earth.  Egyptians lavishly adorned their tombs and trinkets with this hue and the Greeks and Romans created factories that just produced blue. This scarcity continued until the industrial age, making the blue pigment expensive and sought after. In 431 the Catholic church colour coded the saints and Mary was adorned with a Navy blue robe, so Navy became the colour of authority, a colour you could trust.

Navy used in our interiors doesn’t just need to convey a beachy feeling, it can be sophisticated and striking, as the images below show. Navy works with red, green, brown, orange, purple, I could go on and on. This deep, rich, trustworthy hue is a big favourite of mine. Do you agree?

These three favourite Navy hues are exclusive to Elements of Style.  Please contact us if you would like more information.




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Jake Curtis


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