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If the sitting room is the heart of the family home, the fireplace is the soul. Warming fingers and toes encourages social interaction, vital for a harmonious family unit.

A traditional fireplace which uses a combination of timber, marble or stone is generally the focal point in a room, giving structure, scale and balance to the space.


Labelled the new tradition, smart modern spaces are designed with the fireplace more as an artwork. By using interesting metal, or stone finishes for the mantle and hearth, you are only limited by your imagination.

Strategically positioning a fireplace in the corner of a more contemporary room allows for multiple activities to occur. Reading in front of the fire, while other members of the family are watching television makes for more flexible living.


Bringing the indoors outside is another great way to make the fireplace the hero. Outdoor fireplaces can be similar in reputation to the ones you might find in an impressive sitting room.

If your styling is consistent with your interior decor you can create a flawless look indoors and out. Outdoor fabrics have moved forward in leaps and bounds. Putting the same effort into comfortable seating, cushions and lighting as you would in your sitting room, will be rewarded with happy guests and a lifetime of memories.

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