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This glorious example of Shingle Style is so uniquely American.

Started on the East Coast, this architecture was born out of the Queen Anne movement in the 1870’s. Large and more open plan than its predecessors, Queen Anne used all forms of materials, ie. bricks, stone, quite detailed gables and dormers, as people had become wealthier and could afford more detail.

Shingle Style homes followed with roomy porches, long, far-reaching roof lines, large bay and double-height windows. The shingles were used to convey that weathered look, as if the home had been around for ever. Builders were known to dip the cedar shakes in milk paint to give them a greyish tinge before installation.

In the 1880’s these homes were not built out of pretention and were usually not large in size. In more recent times they have become larger, suggesting a lovely structural openness while offering a very casual lifestyle.

This home designed by Elsa Soyars Design looks to be a well cared for example of an inspired architectural period.

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