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Encourage Your Expression

If you are lucky enough to work from home treat your work space with importance. The opportunity to create an inspiring and expressive office can only bring out your best. If you cannot dedicate an entire room, try and find a quiet and light corner. Place your back to the action if you use your living area. Your bedroom should be off limits, sleeping and working together is a bad idea.

The desk you choose needs to include some storage and space for a computer. Make sure it blends in with other pieces if you are sharing your space with the rest of your decor. If you are creative keep all your inspiration on a board that can be interchanged and is always in your visual field.

Task lighting is vital, so choose a lamp that lights your computer and your work area equally. Personal touches, such as photos, trinket boxes, trays etc, give you a visual breather and store your bits if you don’t have a heap of storage. Keep clutter to a minimum, especially if you are sharing your space.

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