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Fabulous Facades

Australian Architects are an innovative bunch. We have a long history of design that speaks to the environment and the people who reside in it, without needing to compromise on the looks.

The façade is like the smile of the home, the first emotional response a person will have to a house is directly related to the shape, size and finish of that façade.

I recently stumbled across a fantastic blog by a Melbourne Architect called Lunchbox Architect , who delivers an inspiring (affordable) architecturally designed home or renovation every weekday — just in time for your lunch break. If you are mad about all things architecture, you definitely want to subscribe to this blog.

Meanwhile, below are a few of my favourite facades, all different, all beautiful and all smiles……

Perforated House, Brunswick by Kavellaris Urban Design   

The Hello House designed by OOF! Architects is a renovation and extension of a Victorian shop. The Hello wall was designed in collaboration with artist Rose Nolan



The 2 Girls Building is a mixed use building that fuses art, photography and architecture.  KUD collaborated with Melbourne Artist Samantha Everton during the design process to ensure a collaborative integration of art forms throughout the project. The “Masquerade”, from Everton’s ‘Vintage Dolls’ series, that features on the building façade.




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