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Fawn Hill

Having a great interest in architecture means that you are forever walking and learning.

What a great example of one of my favorite periods.

Fawn Hill Farm, originally named Graymar Farm was built around 1937. This stunning stone manor, in such classic Georgian style, was built overlooking 37 acres of lush farm land and is one of the largest, intact estates in New York City.

The front door is centered, with a fairly unassuming portico above. They almost always topped the front door with a more elaborate window, supported by decorative pilasters. The other 6 paned sash windows on the upper floor are usually always five across. Larger windows with either 9, or 12 panes were always on the main floors.

The two dormer windows on the upper floors were primarily used for the servants. This was also a way of reducing window tax, which was a tax brought in by King William III and was designed to impose tax relative to the prosperity of the taxpayer, as income tax didn’t exist in 1696. The more windows you had the more tax you paid.

You can’t quite see, but I would bet that this house has chimneys on both sides.

I have not had the pleasure, but I have read that this home inside boasts extensive moldings, arched doorways, pegged hardwood flooring, seven distinctive fireplaces, seven bedrooms and a grand wainscoted foyer with an elegant Georgian staircase.

Fawn Hill is a mansion to behold.

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