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Friday’s Lighting Find

When we start to think about renovating a room, most of us will put just the right amount of thought into the structural design issues, the placement of furniture, even down to picking just the right cushions for that new sofa.

Lighting can sometimes get forgotten in the whirl of ideas, and this may end up being a wasted opportunity. Down lights we think about, but feature lighting, not so much – maybe we feel a little like Scarlett O’Hara and decide it’s all too hard, so let’s worry about it tomorrow.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to see how feature lighting in a space can upscale every other design detail. Be brave and mix your metals to give your room a layered, interesting feel.  A bronze pendant light will balance against chrome fixtures in a kitchen if you bring in another touch of bronze, say in a bowl or tray.

Below we have the latest looks in pendant lighting on offer, so if you would like an estimate or more information on the lights below, go to our contact page and send us a message.


Pendant light with a unique beaten metal texture and a polished copper interior and exterior.


Pendant light with a unique beaten metal texture and a polished deep brass interior and exterior. Width: 30cm, Height: 38cm


Pendant light with a unique beaten metal texture and a polished silver interior and exterior.  Width: 30cm, Height: 38cm


Pendant light with a unique beaten metal texture and a stunning matte white exterior with a polished copper interior. Width: 30cm, Height: 38cm


Pendant Light in Black and Copper. Height: 28cm, Width: 17cm


 Pendant light in Copper finish. Height: 28cm, Width: 17cm


  Rustic Pendant Light in Black. Width 38cm x Height 51cm


Rustic Pendant Light in Copper. Width 38cm x Height 51cm


  Rustic Pendant Light in White. Width 38cm x Height 51cm


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