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Katie Ridder goes Highly Moorish


The definition of Arabesque is “an intricate decoration based on Moorish and Arabic antecedents, combining a complexity of flowing lines with geometrical and symmetrical patterns”. Source – Architect’s Illustrated Dictionary. Nicolas Davies. Erkki Jokiniemi

When I started to look for Moorish design in interior spaces, I began my dig in the middle east, as going direct to the experts seemed to make perfect sense right?

Then I found myself totally mesmerized by this lovely spot, designed by Interior Designer Katie Ridder.

This cabinet takes on a completely different pattern, as the Moorish hand-loomed wool carpet bounces happily off the mirrored front.

While the custom bright orange and yellow cherry blossoms on the Fromental wallpaper look almost alive, ready to sway at the slightest hint of a breeze.

I also love the way the tree curve seems to lovingly curve with the legs on the occasional chair, quietly watching as the yellow in the Ikat fabric gives the yellow blossom a little high five.

Ms Ridder has certainly shown herself to be an expert. By taking several patterns, each one with its own complexity of flowing lines and geometrical shapes and sitting them side by side, this designer shows us how happily they can all truly get along.

Photo by: Eric Piasecki







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