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How open is your kitchen?

Modern kitchen design is a fast moving industry and one of the hot trends for 2014 is open shelving.  Streamlining all your kitchen bits for display is a cathartic and productive exercise and if done well will never let you down.  Below are some of our favourite kitchen designs, all displaying the beauty of day to day objects with great pride.

Blonde timbers are also a predicted hot look for 2014. The oak grain used to construct the shelving and bench top in this kitchen is a subtle approach. The thickness of the shelving helps ramp up the edgy, European feel that a lot of clients are after at the moment.


Photograph by Heidi Lender

Painting the backs of open shelving a contrasting colour is a brilliant way of adding interest to your kitchen design without costing the earth. Be as brave as you can with your colour choice and change it up every couple of years to keep the look fresh and relevant.

NBR-kitchen2Kitchen designed by Nerland Building and Restoration

A more traditional kitchen like this one can cope with open shelving if the design is sympathetic to the era. The brackets they have used in this design harmonise with the profile on the cabinetry. Keeping the crockery and glassware streamlined in colour also stops the room from becoming to busy on the eye.

erotasbuildingcorpKitchen designed by Erotas Building Corp

If you hanker for simpler times, this retro inspired designer kitchen is a master class. The paired back, pod like central work station and shelving unit are surely inspired by the gentle curves on the neighbouring fridge.


                                                                                            Kitchen Designed by DeVOL  

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