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Hue, Tint, Shade & Tone

There is a saying, blue and green should never been seen without another colour in between. How glad I am that the designer challenged this theory. Katie Rosenfeld possesses the eye and nerve it takes to make design music.  Each object alone is beautiful and together they sing.

Colour is one of the most powerful elements in design, as it has tremendous expressive qualities.  The wall colour used here is a tone of the blue hue.  Tone is created by adding both white and black to the primary colour (called a hue). This makes it more pleasing to the eye, as it is more complex and subtle.

The splendid curves on the hand painted Chinoiserie sideboard shows real pedigree. The effort taken to compliment this pattern, using a similar chair fabric doesn’t go unnoticed.  I love the hint of fretwork seen through the whimsical wall mirror, although the time I have spent guessing what it is could have gone to better use.

The table lamp has scale and balances well against the mirror, with the yellow glass vase being the last note in this symphony.

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