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I feel giddy, oh so giddy

Like a first love, this 1904 farm house restored by Schappacher White Ltd takes my breath away.

Built in the Dutch gambrel style, also known as the Dutch Colonial Revival style, with its broad gambrel roof and flaring eaves that extend over the long sides, this home resembles a barn in construction.

Dutch Colonists who settled in the lower parts of New York and New Jersey brought this delightful architecture across the ocean and adapted it to the new world.

Most likely this gem would have begun with one room and additions were added over time to either end. A gentle porch sits along the front of the house, with double-hung sash windows throughout. I can’t quite see the front door, but I hope it is the Dutch style keeping it within the period.

The latest caretakers of this treasure have added a guest house that overlooks the shimmering pool and garden.

Blending perfectly into the old world, this thoroughly modern, yet sympathetic little house would be enough for me to live happily ever after, amen.

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