Luminous Refinement

A lot of detail can go into a room that appears at first glance to have very little detail at all. This bathroom designed by Frank Roop displays that quintessential set of ingredients.

Using a shimmering take on the classic American subway tile and installing it staggered vertically from floor to ceiling, reflects all the glass and metal in the room and makes it sparkle.

The long dressing table offers generous space for grooming, with the padded ottoman poised ready for the final touch up.

The seat in the shower runs cleverly along the wall, giving you both a wet and dry place to sit. This is such a considerate touch and not difficult to do. Tiling the seat in a striae marble only enhances the soft, pale pigment in the room.

Thoughtful extras like the niches in the shower should be mandatory, sadly not used often enough when planning a new bathroom.


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