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There is nothing more rewarding than designing wall cabinets that look completely at home in a room.  I would always recommend built in shelving if the budget allows it, as purchasing bookshelves and making them fit the space will only satisfy you for so long.  Remember that the needs of the room should be equal to the needs of the family, so before you jump in and make mistakes you will find hard to live with consider these tips.

Painted versus solid timber. Of course cost is a major factor in this decision, but do you have the time or money to get your wall unit painted on a regular basis? This thoroughly modern cabinetry shown above appears to be solid timber and the simple design allows the timber to be the real hero.


Angela Free Design

If budget doesn’t allow for solid timber spend the time getting just the right painted finish on your wall cabinets. A contrasting colour on the back of the storage shelves is a great way to link your accessories in the room.


Traditional Home

Put more than a passing thought into how thick you want your wall shelving to be including the verticals. Think about what you want to display so that the shelving heights can cater to picture frames, artwork and coffee table books. All the shelves do not need to be the same height. Instantly the cabinetry feels confident if your shelves are robust and you can be sure they will never bow or look weak. Another great look without the high price tag is to use stained floorboards as backboards in your shelving.

traditionalhome-Emily Followill

Traditional Home – Emily Followill

Look around your room and if you have any architectural details incorporate them into the shelving. This gives your storage more of a furniture feel. For example, use the same moulding on the top of your shelving that is on your cornice. If the room is devoid of any details, use this opportunity to bring character to the room by adding a profile to the doors or a fluting design to your uprights.


Mr & Mrs Smith Legado Mitico Hotel

Lighting is worth considering at the design stage. If you have room for a bulk head this is a great way to hid the electrics. Cabinet lights are smaller and the gimbals are designed to swivel. A picture light is lovely if you have a particular painting you wish to highlight in your wall unit.


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