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While searching online for cabinetry handles, I stumbled across a local Melbourne design studio aptly titled  Mademeasure.  Co-founders Paul Kinny and Christina Teresinski love and appreciate the art of leather crafting and it is pretty clear that they are expert designers.

In their own words, “MadeMeasure is a creative collaboration which combines our skills in design and making, with our passion to see products come to life. Our approach is quality over quantity, and simplicity in form and function. We make leather goods to last. Our leather joinery handles and goods for living are usable, and honest. We like leather to speak for itself – tactile and rich in texture, gaining character over time.”

They also design a high-quality metal handle collection, a perfect complement to the highly desirable leather goods.

See some of their highly crafted pieces below and check out the website



Copper Pull


Copper Pull


Leather Recessed Pulls



Leather Coat Hook



Leather Loop


Leather Loop



Leather Stacked Handle


Leather Handle



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