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Marble’s enduring love affair with timber continues…..

The latest hot craze in furniture design would have to be the new modern take on the ever popular, mid-century look.

The eye catching dining tables below mix polished marble tops with beautiful timbers. The side tables and desks use dark oak and walnut timbers to perfection.

These elegant and crafted furniture pieces are currently available through Elements of Style. If you would like an estimate or more information on any of this furniture, go to our contact page and send us a message.

Round White Marble Dining Table with walnut legs. Size is Dia 120cm x Height 74cm

White marble rectangular dining table with walnut legs. Seats 4. Size is Width 160cm x Depth 90cm x Height 73cm

Dark Oak Coffee Table – Size is Width 120cm x Depth 60cm x Height 36cm

Desk in Dark Oak. Size is Width 140 cm x Depth 60cm x Height 76cm

Side Table in Dark Oak. Size is Dia 58cm x Height 53cm

Marble and Dark Oak Dining Table. Size is Width 160cm x Depth 90cm x Height 73cm

Walnut Desk. Width 140cm x Depth 60cm x Height 76cm

Walnut Side Table. Size is Dia 58 cm x Height 53cm

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