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Meet Jodie from Belljar Interiors

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New South Wales based Jodie Gibbons is the designer and owner of Belljar Interiors. Using mostly Australian fabrics, her designs are fresh and bold.

Jodie makes cushions and lamp shades in an array of geometric and floral patterns, using fabric colours that harmonize beautifully. 

Her custom lamp tables in colours like Irish green, minty melody & olive fizz would be a welcome addition to any room.

Exceptionally well made local products, all available on her Etsy store, are always a better option, so read all about what makes her so passionate about creating beautiful, practical pieces for everyone’s home.



Tell me a little about yourself – what led you to what you’re doing now?

I grew up in a creative house, my mother always had projects on the go, guess it just rubbed off on me. I completed an Interior Design course several years ago with the intention of starting a decorating business, quite by accident fell into making cushions & lampshades, when one winter weekend I made up some cushions from a piece of fabric I had, didn’t really go with my décor so I put them on ebay , sold them the same day & thought, I might be onto something. So I created The Belljar.




What does a 9-5 day look like for you?

Working fulltime & raising a 16 year old, I guess my day looks like every other working mothers day. The Belljar works around that.




Can you tell me a little about the workings of your business?  

Belljar Interiors is run through, replying to emails, discussing ideas with customers, checking in with the textile company, researching ideas & styling my work for the website (my favorite part).



How do you balance the boring side of the business with the fun creative side?

Boring is a good way to describe business to a creative person. You just get on with it, I make sure I keep up to date.



What aspect of the business makes you the most proud?

I have worked for other people all my life, The Belljar was all about my ideas, I never tire of people just telling me they love my work. When they tell me I’ve done a beautiful job, that makes me proud.



Who inspires you?

I’m a lover of books, art & design, history & travel, even cookbooks inspire me. When I’m thinking up a new idea its always with an era, a place or a person in mind. Coco Chanel & the early days of the Belle Epoque , Hemingway and the 1930’s. My first collection was inspired by a book I was reading about the French Revolution, my latest by a Middle Eastern cookbook. 

We would love to see what is on your desk right now.


Jodie's office

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