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This designer, Honey Collins is certainly dedicated to detail. I think this is a glamorous room, without being stuffy.

The use of this orange, which can sometimes be a difficult shade to harmonize with, against the whisper of green that she uses throughout this sitting room show us a personality. I get some feeling of the kind of people who would live here.

The lovely, luxurious muted green fabric chairs that have clever key detail on the skirts, which can sometimes be old fashioned, give them a more contemporary feel. This allows the graphic cushion fabric to work so well.

The rug is the final step in bringing all the elements together. Some designers say that often they will start with the rug when putting a room together. I wonder whether Honey Collins did.

My favorite is the spike of orange on the ottoman seats. It was almost as if the flowers were dyed to match. The subtle orange in the two pictures on the right are also well matched.

The horse ornaments, the gilded mirror and frames add to that elegant feel. They give the room balance and an era.

Nothing is overdone in this sitting room.


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