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Small on space, big on style

Designing a small kitchen space is a challenge for a few reasons. Functionality takes full concentration and an easy to operate, stylish kitchen, on the smaller side that ticks all your clients’ boxes certainly deserves a high five.

Use all your vertical space. This will help with much needed storage and if the ceilings look higher, the kitchen will appear larger.

When it comes to colour, white is not always the right hue.  If your kitchen lacks natural light you may think that white cabinetry will help make your room look brighter, but this is not always the case. Your kitchen will look grubby and dull, dull, dull. On the other hand, if your kitchen gets a lot of natural light, white can make it feel way too clinical. Use white wisely and don’t be frightened to use warm hues.

Texture always brings that third element to a room. Why not mix your textures, add a little wallpaper, glitter up your splashback, even mix your metals – copper and chrome are friendly when done well. Reflective surfaces add valuable personality to a space.

The kitchens below have used some of these ideas and I think they bring buckets of personality to the most loved room in the home.  What do you think?

Vertebrae Architecture

The hit of yellow shelving in this kitchen is a perfect foil for this moody, sleek cabinetry. By adding a pop of timber in the splashback and linking it to the stools, the kitchen has just the right amount of warmth and texture, stopping it from looking like a showroom.

Jeffers Design Group

This is one of my favourite kitchens of all time. The brave use of colour on the cabinetry is one thing, but to then add that glorious wallpaper – I bow to Jay Jeffers and his exceptional ability to mix colours and textures, without taking himself too seriously.



This kitchen could so easily fallen into the clinical white trap. The rustic timber bench, with the washed out timber flooring adds that all important textural element. Linking black in four places is very thoughtful design – hats off to the designers.

Sheila Bridges

Architectural elements give our homes an historical reference. Whether we are adding them to imply a place and time, or highlighting what is already available, these details help us respect what has come before us.  The crown mouldings and damask patterned wallpaper play homage to the traditional, while the modern colour of the cabinetry and the white-washed flooring bring it into the 21st century.

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