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The Best Dressed List

The design of your house number can give a small clue to your style. How interested are you really in first impressions?

This small but important detail is often forgotten in the excitement of paint colours and the to-and-fro of the brick versus timber fence conversation.

I had a recent project that required my whole hearted attention. I knew exactly what the client needed, but the budget was nonexistent, again money runs out just when you need it most. The ever looming temptation to use stick on numbers was a distinct possibility, so I had to move quickly.

I scanned the obvious door furniture shops, hardware stores and my trusty favourites list. The forest was very thick indeed.

The home was built in the 1950’s, so we needed to respect that. Mid century architecture had many variations during its hay day, but the basic fundamentals were sound.

Architect Richard Neutra is the one we all turn to when we need to reference this era. He is so famous for his 1930’s house numbers that he has his own Neutraface font. Designed for visibility, they float off the wall and cast a shadow.

Also of note, the American 20th Century real estate developer, Joseph Eichler. White letters sitting neatly on a black shadow box. He used the more functional sans serif face to say, make no mistake about what number this is.

In the end the client should decide. So which one do you think wins the best dressed?




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