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The Fifth Wall

When painting your home how important is the ceiling? It is as important as the wall colour. Don’t let the nerves kick in and end up painting every wall and ceiling the same colour.

Maybe have a think about this.

Strong colours have a lot of personality but, for a home to flow, once you use colour in one room you should try and follow suit in the next and then the next. Different colours are fine as long as they complement each other.

If you are using a dark, dramatic wall colour, go white on the ceiling and trims for contrast.  Keep in mind that natural, or artificial light may change the colour enough to annoy. Paint sample areas in the room and watch what they do at different times of the day.

Mid strength colours on walls cope well with 15 to 20% of that colour mixed into your ceiling white. Any darker and the ceiling looks lower than it should. Life always has exceptions and so does paint, if you are using pink wall tones keep the ceiling white as it can end up looking a little lolly.

What about white walls and a strong colour on the ceiling, this is a fantastic way of adding interest to the room and if you get sick of the colour you only have to re paint the ceiling.

Remember life is short and paint will colour your world.

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