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Tiles of Ezra

I have followed Georgia Ezra from G.A.B.B.E Interior Design for many years and as one of Melbourne’s most talented designers, I was not surprised to see her latest venture Tiles of Ezra. This development of a glorious and distinctive range of ethnic tiling will delight and inspire all who love thoughtful, balanced design.

Georgia, in collaboration with her sister Micaela Ezra, a NYC based designer, searched the globe for a tile range that could not only be used in their own projects, but would absolutely appeal to other designers desperate for products that sit outside the norm.

In collaboration with a small team of traditional tile manufacturers from Mexico, Georgia and Micaela have produced a collection of modern designs, using rich colours and distinctive patterns that will fill a real gap in the market.

Check out the ranges below and make sure you visit the Tiles of Ezra site, as it is a real visual feast.

The Clay Collective range is a series of terracotta tiles in various shapes.

claycollective-1 clay-collective-2 clay-collective-3 clay-collective-4 clay-collective-5

Ezra Patterns

ezra-1 ezra-2 ezra-3 ezra-4


The Ceramic Classics collection are all derived from traditional Mexican tile designs.

classic-1 classic-55 classic-63 classic-67 classic-68 classic-70

The Ceramic Modernist collection references the Hispano-Moresque ‘azulejo’ aesthetic, meaning ‘polished stone’.  The graphic Moroccan design is applied to this traditional surface.

modern-4 modern-5  modern-11 modern-34 modern-37

Moroccan Range

Moroccan_20150311_5709 Moroccan3_20150324_5752 Moroccan3_20150324_5759  Moroccan3_20150324_5773 Moroccan3_20150324_5782 Moroccan3_20150324_5787 Moroccan3_20150324_5788





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