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Browsing around Etsy is one vice that I cannot seem to shake. Christmas is the time I know I should be looking for presents for my loved ones, so why am I finding objects that I suddenly cannot live without. Check out my latest home ware favourites for yourselves and maybe Santa will agree.


These concrete pendant lamps are handmade by CCILEHV from the Netherlands.


Yield is an independent design house established in San Francisco and based in Saint Augustine. Amongst many  beautiful pieces is this Ceramic French Press. It brews perfect, full-bodied coffee in the traditional French press method. The heavy walled ceramic press pot is a functional and beautiful addition to your kitchen table.


Kast concrete knobs are delicately hard. They are concrete right where you don’t expect it. In 2012, Grey Hensey dedicated a year to experimenting with cement blends, silicone moulds, and hardware design. The result was concrete cabinet knobs. This SCARLETT Concrete knob is one of many designs I love, love, love…..


Based in Melbourne, Australia. Urban Cartel was founded in early 2011 by Craig Pearce. They design and manufacture a range of handmade porcelain tableware with an emphasis on clean lines & functional design.


The Curious Craftsman a Melbourne based company that designs furniture, clocks and lights. This plywood clock in 2 Shades of Grey is one of my favourites.

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