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Whites versus Colours

The most unglamorous room of many homes is often the one we spend the most time in, especially if we have small children. Details that look good and work hard can be achieved in unison. By giving importance to the décor of your laundry you are looking after the health and well being of your soul.
Make sure you have plenty of shelf space so that the products that you use every day are within easy reach. Use your vertical space, even if it is to store items that you don’t often need. Cupboards are ideal rather than open shelving as they limit the clutter look.
Paint the walls an interesting color, using mould resistant wallpaper can be real highlight. Lighting is more important than you think if you want to see the real stains in your life. If you need to display your cleaning products, attractive containers are always more pleasing on the eye.

Deep laundry sinks are a bonus. Even if they are not large in width, a deep sink is a lifesaver for soaking all your delicates. A rug under your feet is also a kind detail.

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